The Pot

The Pot


Approx 95 x 70cm

A remake of a design from my Neuth Collection, 2018.

Neuth, Egyptian Goddess of the night, has image associations with the pot, sycamore tree and the cow. She is also often depicted making an arch (or triangle) with her star covered body.

The semicircle is her as the pot or vessel, and the triangle is Neuth arching.

Made with hand dyed linens and cottons. Lined with a DOUBLE layer of 100% cotton wadding, to balance with the weighty white linen on the reverse. A pleasingly heavy small ‘lap’ quilt/ wall hanging.

As with all my quilts, this piece is entirely cut, appliquéd, quilted and finished by hand and comes with it’s own fabric index card.

Carefully hand wash cold, dry flat.

***Please note I have dyed and cut enough for just three of these. If I do another edition in the future, the colours will be slightly different. One left***

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