Eviloberg No. 5

Eviloberg No. 5

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As seen in The Hackney Draper November 2018.

133cm x 97cm

Entirely made by hand with linens, cottons and silk. Processes include hand appliqué, hand quilting, hand dying, natural dying, hand painting and hand finishing. Lined with 100% natural cotton batting.

This is the most complex painting piece on this scale I have made to date.

Eviloberg is a collection of five original textile compositions. Based on close study of the residual shapes and contours produced by the brushwork of Swedish painter Mamma Andersson. These left over forms are the result of tension between the oil and water in the layers of paint. For this collection I have take these new shapes and arranged them in five discreet compositions.

I would recommend these pieces be used as wall hangings for longevity, though they can be used as statement throws and can be very gently hand washed in cool water.

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