2. 'Clothed the sky'

2. 'Clothed the sky'


Part of the 'Mountain Face' quilts series.

82cm x 73cm

Hand dyed, drawn, stitched and quilted cottons and linens.

The main body of the quilt is a soft washed woven cotton. A patchwork of dyed green cotton and red and lilac linen make up the front. The mottled effect on the house shapes are achieved by hand application of the dye- I do this in different ways- painting, dipping, scrunching, flicking. This painted cotton has been used to bind the quilt too.

Lined with 100% cotton batting and hand quilted with royal blue and natural strong cotton thread.

To care for this quilt gently hand wash cold and dry flat. Avoid excessive wringing.

It can be used as a small quilt or wall hanging either way round (please note this characterful piece will not sit entirely flush against the wall)

Painting by Paul Klee 'Paysage d'êtê' 1917

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