Tessa Layzelle is a visual artist with a degree in fine art from University of Brighton, 2012. Tessa makes quilts as a means to explore the dialogue between terms ‘art’ and ‘craft’ today; producing physical practical paintings that lie somewhere between design, artwork and craft object.


Tessa’s work is rooted in visual research. Often working in small conceptual collections, she works from images of paintings (usually portraits), interiors and British landscape. She uses these found shapes to ‘paint’ her abstract compositions in coloured plain fabrics.

Tessa’s quilts are hand-made using self-taught traditional needle construction skills. Each piece is composed, cut, appliquéd, quilted and bound by hand. She colours natural fabrics with dyes, crayons, inks and has recently started experimenting with natural dying techniques. Works are made as one off pieces or made-to-order in small batches. Everything is used, off-cuts become smaller and smaller, colours can be tracked chronologically though the archive on this website. A blue-grey may be used as a background, then in big shapes, then appear as tiny shapes and disappear to be gradually replaced in a transient colour palette. This is playful sustainable making.

Tessa works to commission producing textiles for children, domestic interiors and commercial spaces.

Her works are stocked across the UK, Europe and USA.





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